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Plan Sponsors

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The expertise and scope of services you access at Price Financial Management also comprehensively assist plan sponsors.   

A fiduciary is on your side

A fiduciary is on your side

As seasoned professionals in the retirement industry, we work with corporations, nonprofits, and associations and have an unwavering mission to do what’s necessary to best support our clients.

Our services include assisting plan sponsors with the following

Our services include assisting plan sponsors with the following

- Plan oversight and governance: Maintain knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations for compliance of programs and practices
- Investment selection: Provide recommendations and monitoring of fund lineups for a diversified portfolio offering for plan participants
- Benchmarking and request for proposal services: Compare plans with others in similar industries and assist with the proposal process for new plan providers
- Recordkeeper management: Track plan assets, investments, and earnings, including statistics such as employer contributions and rollover contributions
- Retirement readiness strategies: Analyze the retirement readiness of plan participants and develop a strategy for improving this important metric
- Plan design: Help employers develop a customized retirement plan that meets their business, employee, and personal objectives
- Investment management: Manage plan funds to meet specified investment goals

Bringing the industry’s best technology to you

Our platform's curated access to resources, investments, technology, services, and tools allows us the freedom and flexibility to adapt and evolve with industry and market changes as they happen. Our continued mission is to provide you with the most cutting-edge and comprehensive planning and investment support available to deliver an exceptional client experience at a competitive cost.

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